An Interdisciplinary Approach to Research


Working with the Honors College this summer has been an amazing way to expand my work into other disciplines. As a part of the internship, fellows attend a Research Methods course put on by the university. Here we are given the opportunity to collaborate with other fellows across many disciplines. This has provided great insight into different fields, as well as new perspectives on my own work. Personally, I have discussed community impact and engagement with my peers – this has directed my approach to furthering engagement in the community where I research. Along with my main report, I plan to release my findings in a simple manner – one that is geared towards individuals outside of the environmental field. I believe that the interdisciplinary consulting between peers has been very beneficial for the progression of my work. 

Being able to work across disciplines is crucial in any field and can prove to be particularly beneficial in consulting work. After I graduate from Pitt, I plan to follow one of two paths. I’ll either be pursuing a professional master’s degree or will be entering the workforce. If I enter the workforce, I hope to land an environmental consulting position. My work this summer has significantly increased my experience in working across disciplines. Consulting works across many fields, and this summer I have experienced a great deal of interdisciplinary work through the research class. 

Moving on, here are some general project updates for those interested:

I’ve completed sampling of my locations throughout the Chalfant Run/Thompson Run Watershed. I ended up with 18 locations for in-stream sampling. These samples have been tested for pH, Alkalinity, and Acidity thus far. Soon they will be processed for metal testing. 

I have begun work on an ArcGIS Storymap. These Storymaps are a great method of communicating research with the public. It will appear as a webpage, hosting maps, water quality grades, apps, and many different written explanations. 

I look forward to updating with my final findings soon!

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