Reflecting on Skills I’ve Learned on the Hill

As my internship nears its end, I wanted to check in with another update about my experiences on Capitol Hill and to reflect on the skills that I have learned throughout this experience. 

My time as an intern has enabled me to further soft skills such as empathy and compassion. In my previous blog post, I explored the importance of empathy in public service. As the weeks have progressed, I have been able to further develop this skill. Policy can be deeply impactful to communities, and it is important to recognize the impacts that legislation will have. Working to understand the issues that constituents face has strengthened my ability to empathize in my day-to-day life. 

In addition, my time as an intern has allowed me to sharpen my time-management skills. In the work setting, I have learned how to effectively manage my time in order to complete my assigned tasks. In my daily life as an intern, I have explored working full-time and balancing extracurriculars while navigating life in a new city. This experience has been incredibly beneficial to sharpening my time-management skills both inside and outside of the office. 

Moreover, I have been fortunate enough to work with my incredible colleagues who have demonstrated an exceptional example of leadership. I have seen the value of leading through collaboration. I have also learned that effective progress is often made by working as a team to  understand the perspectives and ideas of others. In addition, collaboration is integral to passing legislation as individuals must work as a team to draft legislation. This experience has enabled me to gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of collaboration, and I aim to further incorporate it in my approach to leadership in the future. 

Interning on the Hill has also taught me the importance of flexibility and adaptability. Each day is unique from the last. As new situations arise, the daily responsibilities can be altered. There is never a mundane moment while interning on the Hill because circumstances are constantly evolving. When current events develop, it is necessary to be flexible and pivot tasks when needed. Interning on the Hill has taught me to become more comfortable with navigating uncertainty and to learn to be more adaptive. 

Throughout this internship, I have learned new skills while sharpening old skills. Moreover, I have learned what is integral to effective leadership, and I have been able to explore the importance of flexibility in an adaptive and evolving environment. I have gained invaluable experiences and skills throughout this internship, and I am looking forward to checking in again with a final update. 

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