Week 1: Where we live

Hello Pitt Honors Blog! I have officially wrapped my first week of classes off, and things are off to a great start! The coursework is interesting and the professors really care about the students. The school center where we learn is about a 30 minute tube ride from our accommodations. Our accommodations are gorgeous; there are ~30 students from our program staying in this building, each having 1-5 roommates. I am in a suite of 6, meaning I have 5 roommates in a 3 bedroom apartment. We have two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a balcony with an amazing view. We also have floor to ceiling windows so even if the patio is not your thing, you can still get great views. The accommodations are right next to a underground station, so you constantly hear trains at all hours. This means sleeping is hard for some people, especially those closest to that side of the building. There are a lot of fire doors that you have to scan to get through, so having your keys out is something that I sometimes forget. My suitemates are all very nice, and 3 people other than myself are attending school in Pittsburgh (Pitt and Point Park). It’s nice to have that connection with them, that we can all reference the Forbes’s street chipotle or Cathy and we don’t have to really explain it. This flat is great because it has many amenities (a pool, gym, green space/atrium, etc) and if you do have to leave the building for something, there is a lot of places nearby. We recently figured out how to get the apartment to be cooler; it used to run at about 30 degrees C but now it’s around 20-24. That’s very nice with the record heatwave approaching. We all bought fans together for the record heat so we will be prepared. There are several groceries and shops near by, so whether you need bread or an electronic part, this area is great for that. We already have favorite spots around the neighborhood that have great food, great vibes, or you can go to have a great time. And you can get great access to any neighborhood using the tube, which as I mentioned is a short walk from the flats. Overall, these accommodations are incredibly nice and generous. I appreciate the CAPA center for finding great flats for their students.

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