The Conclusion of Pitt in LA

This past month has been nothing but an extraordinary experience. Often, study abroad is associated with leaving for a new country anywhere across the globe. There is certainly a multitude to learn from the rich cultural experiences of other places and people. I never thought I would gain that level of insight within the United States. Being from the East Coast my entire life, Los Angeles feels so distant from my normal lifestyle in New Jersey/Pennsylvania. It exposed me to a new world where success and growth are so attainable. I could never have done this experience without the support of the Honors College Global Programs Scholarship. I am so grateful for their support because without them, this program would not be possible for me.

Academically, I had some of the most hands-on and informative learning opportunities during this curriculum. The main reason behind that was because we were exposed to not only the teachings, but professional guest speakers from all over the entertainment industry. From the Producer of Good Will Hunting to the Founding Executives at Lionsgate Studios – these are the most influential people in the industry right now and we had the fortunate chance to pick their brains and hear their advice. Professionally, it is also great to be able to have personal conversations with industry professionals and learn what ways are best to stay in touch. Most of us within the program are graduating very soon and these connections will serve as great points of contact for us to utilize when the time is right. Networking is such an integral part of this industry and having that exposure right now will be super helpful long term.

Personally, Los Angeles is a fascinating city and I’m so glad I had the chance to explore it to the extent that I did. I saw almost ever city and beach as well as all the spots that make LA, LA. This city is an area I will certainly contemplate as maybe my next destination after college.

This biggest takeaway is one that directly relates to my time at Pitt and the legacy of this University. During our time there, I had the chance to interview nine Pitt alumni that are now successful editors, producers, camera operators, and executives in Hollywood. Each of them were so happy to be interviewed and share how their time at Pitt was so formative for the life they now have. I hope to share this podcast series, titled “Pitt in Hollywood”, with the entire Pitt Honors community in the Fall as a way of showing others that graduating from Pitt has immense advantage when entering this entertainment industry that is fun and ever-changing in how we tell a story. I hope to tell my story as a Pitt alumnus very, very soon. Till then, thank you Pitt in LA and Hail to Pitt!

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