If my future was in Austria

If I had the opportunity to become a full-time resident in Austria, I would want to live near the University of Graz and the Main Congress Square. There is a pedestrian cobblestreet road with a hill that is in between these two locations to live, along with many restaurants nearby.  I really enjoyed this area and the atmosphere of outdoor dining on the charming European streets. The main square also has stores and easy access to trams via the stop there. The City Park is close to this location as well, which is a very large green space where many people go to relax, take in the fresh air, play games, or go for a nice stroll. The ability to have stores, restaurants, and the university all within walking distance in addition to the ability to join the biking culture would be very convenient, offering exercise benefits as well as being environmentally friendly. 

I would like to continue my future professional ambitions as a pre-medical student abroad. So, I would finish my general studies at the University of Graz campus before starting at the medical school campus with a hospital, which we had the opportunity to visit on our study abroad program. Having learned about the Austrian healthcare system, I can see that it does have advantages and disadvantages, as does the US healthcare system. They definitely leave more opportunity and financial support to establish a family, which would be a benefit of the Austrian system. After visiting many centers for minority groups such as refugees and the homeless who need healthcare without insurance during my time studying abroad, I would definitely want to volunteer some hours as a future physician at one of these centers such as Marieneambulanz to provide free medical care to those who need it. 

Some other aspects of the culture I would like to further explore when living for a longer time period in Austria is learning more of the German language. Being confident with speaking the language and understanding the locals would be very important, especially as a future healthcare provider. I would also like to explore Austrian music more, with their traditional songs. As a dancer since the age of 7, I would love to learn and master traditional Austrian dances, such as their waltz and polka, and attend an extravagant winter ball. Austria overall is religious and had multiple holidays / days off when I was abroad, so I would be interested in learning more about what each holiday represents and what their traditions are when they are off and spend more time with their family. 

Outdoor Dining in Graz
Night at the Opera House!

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