Day 3 Blog: Wrongful Convictions

Hi guys! It’s end of day 3 of my trip, and boy has it been a whirlwind! Some issues with TSA and the flight led me to not have any suitcases or clothes or supplies nor a functioning laptop. My suitcases are still lost as of this post and the screen of my laptop is bent so that I cannot use the laptop nor see what the PC is doing. I had to Amazon myself a laptop with the hopes that I can return it before the payment and return dates are passed. I went to Primark (lovely shopping chain here) to buy my essentials, and visited Boots (local pharmacy chain like CVS) for the rest. It has been frustrating and confusing for the start of this trip. But nevertheless we press on! I have found great friends here that are willing to support me and travel with me to find replacements while the airport locates my items. And classes start tomorrow, which is very exciting. On this trip, I hope to garner a new understanding of what criminal law involves and how that line of work works. We have fabulous professors lined up for us which is very exciting. One is Justin Brooks, who cofounded the Innocence Project. He is a brilliant law professor who graciously teaches this study abroad for us. I hope the professors guide me towards a profession and style of law and debate best suited for me (criminal law or other types of law). I have been debating the types of law I want to pursue, so I’m hoping that this program provides some form of guidance for my career path going forward. I’m also hoping that the friendships I’m making now are ones that will last a lifetime. Attached are a few pics of the places we went on a walking tour yesterday, when we toured the London main sites.

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