Wyoming Spring Creek: The landscape, near and far

It’s sunny and not very windy on this Saturday morning at the spring creek preserve. From where I’m sitting, south of the shipping containers, I see many rocks of all shapes, sizes, and kinds. In the background, there is a mountain range, that appears darker than everything closer. Probably because it is further away and there are more trees at that elevation. Many windmills also pollute the distant horizon. They are not moving though, due to the minimal wind this morning. Closer to the mid-ground I see plateaus, which are noticeable due to the difference in plant communities, which is what we have been taking a closer look at in our most recent activity. The tops of the ridges are dry and light and the bottoms are filled with more green vegetation. This description also must include abundant grasses that litter the landscape. In the far distance, I also notice some cows grazing. I hear birds, various kinds chirping at different pitches and tunes. The air smells fresh, with a touch of dirt. I enjoy it though, as well as the temperature and slight breeze. It’s very soothing. I now hear a plane overhead, a little white dot in the clear blue sky.

Closer to me, I notice a small fragile spider web by my feet. There are some things stuck in it and you can only tell if I shade it from the sun with my hiking boots. It appears to have collected a piece of grass, what I believe to be a tiny feather, as well as some other small particles. I thought this was an abandoned creation due to the fragile-looking threads but a spider creeps out just as I got my phone out to take a picture. The creature was under the rock to the web is connected to. The spider is all black and not too large. He crawls around the web and goes back under the rock.
I’m looking forward to continuing to appreciate the Wyoming landscapes.


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