Wyoming Spring Creek: Time to Observe

As we adventure through Spring Creek, it is easy to get wrapped up in trying to learn every new thing about the area. A whole day could be spent simply identifying the plants and animals littering the seemingly barren landscape. Over the past few days, I feel like the land has become increasingly familiar to me; recognizing the flora and fauna is starting to feel second nature. Knowing about the landscape adds another layer of beauty to the property that I couldn’t have grasped until living it.

Today, I spent some time sitting on the slope of a ridge and just being present in the land. On a trip like this, it is important to pause and admire the area around you. The first thing that struck me was just how vast the land is. The flat plains and rolling hills seem to almost go on forever. For a while, I was just mesmerized by the long horizons and infinite sky. The area around me has more sagebrush and prairie dog burrows than I can shake a stick at. They chirp all around me but are hidden by the shrubs and grasses. Beside me, the rocks are shimmering from the sun with intermixed wildflowers.

I knew Wyoming was a beautiful place before I came, and I’ve been experiencing that every day as we study it. Taking the time to step back and just observe the land really reminded me how awe-inspiring it is. I’m so excited to continue learning on this trip and see what more Wyoming has to offer.

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