Communicating My Research

My project investigates the ways in which Pittsburgh fosters economic integration for female, Muslim migrants. At a glance this research may be specific to one population; however, the lessons from studies on intersectionality are useful to describing multiple populations. Additionally, Muslims represent one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the United States, so any academic literature can be useful in influencing policy decisions on migration and organizational efforts. These facts could be useful to explaining my research to a broader audience, because they demonstrate how research on a specific population can be expanded to others. As a sociology major, I am ready to make connections between groups and cultures, but this may not be the case in other academic backgrounds. Additionally, I could relate my research to the issue of representation of minority populations in migration and feminist literature. These fields of academia have often lacked intersectionality and representation of minority groups. Expressing the need for increased representation goes beyond the scope of sociology to other fields. 

I may need to interact with those outside of sociology in the statistics department to test the significance of certain factors on migrant economic integration. I could also interact with those in the gender studies and economics departments for a more descriptive literature review. 

My professional goals are to pursue a career in global epidemiology. In this field, I will have to interact with scholars from various backgrounds, like statistics and social sciences. This degree is interdisciplinary, with influences from both of the aforementioned fields. Therefore, I will most likely work with colleagues from different disciplines in my future careers. 

Overall, both my research and career pursuits will bring me into contact with those from different academic backgrounds. 

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