Brackenridge Blog #3

Research is important in every type of field. It is a way that allows people to discover the unknown and explore subjects and ideas that have either not been questioned or have never been considered before. It not only facilitates learning, but is also allows us to gain a deeper understanding and increase awareness on different topics. Since people are usually now knowledgeable in every field, from scientific to historic to pollical, it is important to use different strategies that will allow an audience to get a general understanding of what you are researching and trying to present.

Because I am doing research in the art history field, it is important to give people a short overview of the political and cultural history of Puerto Rico. This way, they can get a better understanding of what my research is trying to accomplish. Instead of using a lot of scientific jargon, I would use simple vocabulary and an easy to learn explanation that anyone could understand. I would also relate and compare my research with past or contemporary events so people can sympathize with my concepts and ideas about culture. Using analogies, metaphors, and different comparisons help the audience relate more to the subject. A. metaphor I could use for my research is to think of Puerto Rican culture as a blank canvas. Similarly, the effects of colonization (such as the Spanish invasion, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, indigenous genocide…) can be thought as different colors or mediums. Each time something new was brought to the island, it affected our culture and manipulated our way of life. Through time, our blank canvas turned into a colorful composition of a blend of different traditions from around the world. Lastly, I would explain to my audience the significance of my research. Once they get a better understanding of what my research can contribute, they might be able to see the impact that it has on not only the past, but the future as well. We cannot let our findings get misinterpreted; we need to show how it can change our own personal perspective on how we see the world.

When thinking about my professional goals, I believe that I should interact with various audiences. I feel that to start off, I should communicate and learn from different scholars and academics that focus on Caribbean history, specifically from Puerto Rico. Since they have a more knowledgeable base and have dedicated years to dominate a certain subject, it would be wise to interact and learn from them. They might know more information or have a different perspective on a subject that I may have overlooked or have never considered. Similarly, I would also like to communicate with the curators from the different Puerto Rican art museums that house paintings from Francisco Oller, Jose Campeche, and Ramon Frade. I believe that their expertise in the field and their experience working as curators will truly allow be to gain sense of the artistic practices that were passed down from western societies to the island. They might help me compare different paintings that didn’t know about or they might show me up close the distinct art styles each artist created throughout their lifetime. Lastly, I would like to engage with people and general audiences. I want to create awareness over a subject that is overlooked or sometimes not even considered. If I am able to spread out information and show the importance Puerto Rico can have on a wider scale, I would feel like I have accomplished a big step in my career path.

Francisco Oller “El Velorio”

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