Wyoming Spring Creek Intro – Emma Paci


Hello! My name is Emma Paci and I am a rising junior at Pitt. I am majoring in Biological Sciences with minors in Chemistry and Literature – my long-term goals are to attend graduate school for Ecology and do field research. Outside of class, I am a member of the ski club, outdoors club, and the intramural field hockey team at Pitt. I am passionate about the outdoors and love to hike, climb, kayak, and ski in my free time.

Next week I will be leaving PA to participate in the Wyoming Spring Creek field studies program in Laramie, WY. The program is a 6-week course that focuses on the ecology, geology and paleontology of the region that will conclude with an independent research project. Research is my jam, so I’m very excited to gain practical experience that wouldn’t be possible in Pittsburgh. I chose this program because it aligns closely with my interests while also providing new and exciting experiences – this is probably the only chance I’ll ever have to dig for dinosaurs! My previous field work experience has been in ecology and entomology labs, so I’m looking forward to expanding my scientific toolkit to other areas as well. I’m also excited for the visits to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons near the end of the program – I love to travel and a huge bucket list item of mine is to visit all of the national parks, so this is the perfect chance to see a few more.

Studying abroad has always been a high priority for me, and even though this is located within the US I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join such a unique and engaging program. I’m looking forward to spending time outside, connecting with others who have similar interests, and learning lots about plants, rocks, and dinos!

See you soon,


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