Introduction: Wyoming Spring Creek

Hi, my name is Cecilia Claire Olmsted (but I go by Claire), and I am a rising sophomore here at Pitt. I am majoring in mechanical engineering, and I am also pursuing a certificate in sustainability. I’m also interested in minoring in civil engineering. Generally, I want to academically pursue the intersection between sustainability and the built environment. Outside of class, I am a member of Engineers for a Sustainable World and Planned Parenthood Generation Action. I also spend a lot of time outside running, skiing, and cycling.

This summer, I’ll be participating in the Wyoming Spring Creek Field Studies program. The program revolves around geology, ecology, and paleontology throughout the state of Wyoming, and it’s six weeks in length.

I chose this program because it’s related to my Sustainability Certificate, and I wanted to explore more of my interests in science outside of the engineering curriculum. The program is also open to all majors, so I felt welcome and comfortable pursuing a study away experience outside of my major.

Academically, I hope to gain a better understanding of how natural processes shape our world and how we humans interact with the earth because of these processes. Personally, I hope that the program develops my confidence in learning in new environments. I am also looking forward to gaining more outdoor experience through hiking and camping during the program. Professionally, I hope to apply the transferrable skills I learn during the trip towards future internships, co-ops, or jobs.

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