My West Coast Goals

I have numerous goals that I hope to achieve through my participation in the Pitt in LA American Film Industry Program. Academically, there are two courses that are key parts of my experience in this program. The first course is The American Film Industry which aims to give a unique exposure to various aspects of the film & entertainment industry. It will feature guest speakers including top film and television producers, directors, writers, agents, and executives. This will be a fantastic chance for me to learn about how the industry operates through all chains of command and partnerships. The second course aligns directly with my own education interests as a dual-major in Film & Business. The Business of Entertainment seeks to shine a light on the business side of this industry and the necessary roles needed to hire, advertise, market and sell the content produced by creatives. Both of these courses are reinforced by real-word experience as they are taught at a major production company: Lionsgate. I will be able to hear from countless professionals who are integral in the industry at a company as premiere as Lionsgate.

This exposure directly relates to my professional goals. As mentioned in my last blog, I am developing my own podcast series with Pitt’s Summer Undergraduate Research Award. I will have the rare opportunity to interview the industry professionals that speak to our two classes. In addition to expanding my own knowledge and understanding of what I would like to do for a career, I hope to inspire other Pitt students who have similar aspirations, but lack the role-model stories to take action. Before applying to the SURA, I knew I would be having professional conversations with these same people, so why not make those inspiring conversations public-facing? That is what my podcast series aims to do, which will be streaming this Fall.

Lastly, I certainly have my personal goals I wish to accomplish while in Los Angeles. I have never been to the heart of LA and certainly not in this aspect. I have one more year until I need to decide what I would like to do after I graduate. One of the most important factors of that is where do I want to live? I live just outside New York City, and with both of my parents commuting, I am accustomed to life in the Big Apple. I hope to have the same understanding of Los Angeles. If I like it, I may move there and start my life. If I don’t, I always know where to find the best pizza and bagels.

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