Week 1: Goals

As I reflect on my first week in Florence studying abroad, I have created some goals that I would like to achieve throughout the remainder of the program. Although I mentioned some of my goals in the blog post before arrival, I now have a new perspective therefore it would be best to revise them. These goals are divided into academic, professional, and personal things which I hope to reach throughout my study abroad experience. 

In my program, Global Business Institute (GBI), I am taking two courses: Renaissance Art and Analyzing and Exploring the Global City. I am very excited for Renaissance Art because I learned about it in my high school European history course. Throughout this course, we are visiting several museums and churches to see the art we learn about. I hope to appreciate the art as much as possible, delving into the details—including the medium, subject/s, historical context, and style— of each work that I study. I hope to not only learn about the art itself, but also the history of the Renaissance to put each work into its historical context. My other course involves understanding Florence and its history and culture, which includes walking around the city to experientially learn. I hope to gain insights of Florentine culture by conversing with locals and venturing both inside and outside of the City Center. This course’s main project involves deeply exploring a neighborhood outside of the City Center, and I hope that through this experience I can understand the depths of Florence and explore well beyond the area in which I live and attend class. 

Although I am not interning throughout this program, my experiences will transfer into professional skills. A goal of mine is to not be afraid to ask questions (such as proper etiquette, directions, or how to do things), which can translate into the professional skill of networking. Additionally, I hope to keep an open mind when I am traveling in Florence and throughout Europe. Openmindedness is something that I can improve upon while studying abroad, and it will translate into my professional life. I must be open to change, trying new things, and adapting to difficult and unfamiliar situations, all of which are necessary skills for professional life. 

My personal goals are the most important to me, which are virtually the same as what I wrote last week, which are to try new foods, explore new places, meet new people, converse with locals in Italian, spend less time on my phone, and continually practice gratitude. I would also like to work on time management, as there is so much to try here in Florence. Additionally, I would like to stay organized with lists of restaurants and places I would like to visit so that I am prepared for meals and can plan out my days as best as possible. Although six weeks in Florence may sound like a long time, it is already flying. 

– Alexis Hammer

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