Permanently Moving To Florence? Hahaha … Unless???

I think becoming a full time resident of my study abroad location, Florence, Italy, would be so fun! Florence is one of the major Italian cities, which I love, but it’s not as super touristy as somewhere like Rome. I foresee myself living in a big city in the future, so imagining Florence as my home is really interesting. There are two main options for living in Florence: living in the city-center or living a little bit further outside the city in more residential areas. I’m not sure of all the demographic details of this trend, but most of the Florentines I’ve talked to don’t live right in the city center. Although I didn’t have the chance to really explore much outside the city and I’m sure it is beautiful, I think I would prefer to live in the city-center. I think I would like the hustle and bustle.

I really enjoy science and research, so professionally, would like to have a role that reflects those interests. However, this is an aspect of the culture that I haven’t explored! I don’t really know much about how academia or the professional world works in Italy, or Florence specifically. So this is something I would really have to look into before committing to becoming a full time resident of Florence.

As I said before, I haven’t travelled in Florence outside of the city center. This is another area and aspect of the culture that I would like to further explore. I’m certain that there are loads of attractions outside of the city center and being away from the large crowds, tourists, and noise of the center would be a really nice and refreshing change. I’ve learned throughout the numerous field-trips in this program that Tuscany in general has a beautiful countryside vibe, with rolling hills and farms. Even going just 10 minutes from the city center seems like a completely different world in this regard, so I would be interested in exploring Florentine culture outside of the city center.

Visiting a vineyard in the Chianti region of Tuscany

If I ever moved to Florence, I think my life would be pretty great and I would love to fully immerse myself in the European culture: waking up and stopping for a morning cappuccino and a croissant at a local bar (no cappuccinos after lunchtime of course!), grocery shopping for fresh food at amazing farmers markets, starting to put cheese on everything, and perhaps even riding around the city on a Vespa 😉

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