Future Resident of Israel?

I have always wondered if I would ever live in a country besides the U.S. My parents lived in a different country than the U.S. until their 20’s and have talked about the challenges that brings but also the good things about change. If I had the opportunity to become a full-time resident of Israel, I would definitely want to live in Tel-Aviv. It is a very progressive city, filled with people of all different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Most people in the city speak English, it is right near the shore, has a plethora of stores/services/transport services, and is the safest area in Israel to live in. I would like to live in Tel-Aviv after I have finished all of my schooling, that way I can focus on my career, most likely research/science-related, and enjoy figuring out life post-grad. Another big reason I love Tel-Aviv is many young adults that live here have moved here from other countries for their career, making it easy to meet people with like-minded goals and experiences as you. Living in Tel-Aviv and Israel in general would give me more opportunities to meet people my age and enjoy the work-life balance that Israelis love. One of my favorite things to do here in my free time is grab some food and sit on the public steps overlooking the ocean in the evening. Sometimes there are different events on the beach, making it easy to change up your weekly routine and explore something new.

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