Blog Post 1: Brackenridge Introduction

Hello everyone, I’m Alex Aleco, and a rising 4th year in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies department. I’m also a multimedia artist, and musician, and work with music and video as a way to engage in and process the theories and scholarly work I encounter as an undergrad. I have a particular investment in exploring the intersections of queer SWANA identity and experience within the US. So far, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to do undergraduate research through the Lynne Layton/Pitt LGBTQ Archival Education Project, and the Horror Genre as Social Force Grant. I’m very excited to continue developing my research this summer as a Brackenridge scholar.

Research for Brackenridge Fellowship; Summer 2022

This summer, I am continuing my work with archives to explore queer Middle Eastern Armenian diaspora experience in the US; the pathways of inheritance, significance of queer stewardship of archival objects, and creative use of these objects as a healing practice, are some of the guiding themes for this project. I’m supported by my co-mentors, Dr. Julie Beaulieu and Dr. Bridget Keown; we’ve been meeting once a week via Zoom and I always look forward to these meetings!

Below is a video and music project that illustrates some of the ways I creatively engage in, interpret, and communicate my research.

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