Embarking on the Community Research Fellowship

Hey y’all! My name is Piper Narendorf and I am a rising sophomore from Houston, Texas. I am extremely excited to be participating in the Community Research Fellowship this summer (remotely in Texas)!

I am planning on pursuing a double major in sociology and urban studies with a minor in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies. I love to bake in my free time, especially when I am stressed out. I am a Chickn enthusiast and I am a strong believer that the Saxby’s is the best spot in Hillman. I am a member and officer of the ACLU club at Pitt and I am passionate about social justice and human rights which is why this research project is meaningful to me.

I am excited to be partnered with the Allegheny County Policing Project in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs under the direction of Dr. Sera Linardi. I will be analyzing contracts and complaint data from the different municipalities in Allegheny County to identify trends about police accountability. I will also be working on administrative needs so that this resource can be accessed by advocacy groups throughout Allegheny County.

In terms of career, the future is unclear, but I plan to do research in some capacity and work with human rights and environmental advocacy. The research done this summer will give me practical experience with research and community collaboration.

While this is my first research project, based on my knowledge this project allows me to be extremely independent and I appreciate the ability to take the lead on a project that I am passionate about. This work will help bring transparency and accountability to a societal structure that needs reform.

I am grateful for this opportunity and excited for the growth and learning that I will experience this summer!

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