My New Journey with The Sentencing Project

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! My name is Mackenzie Buday and this past year I was awarded the David C. Frederick Public Service Internship Award. I just completed my junior year in the University of Pittsburgh’s Social Work program and I am so excited to start my senior year in the fall!

I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and received my Associate of Arts degree in social work at Butler County Community College. During my time at Pitt, I have been fortunate to be involved in not only the school community but also the larger Pittsburgh community through volunteer work. I am a participating member of the Pitt BASW club and I look forward to continuing with them during my senior year. I also had the great opportunity to work with The Center on Race and Social Problems (CRSP) after receiving a fellowship the summer before my junior year. During my time out of school, I enjoy volunteering at the local Family House to help patients being treated at the surrounding Pittsburgh Hospitals. I have also recently become a junior board member for Family Promise of Southwestern Pennsylvania to address the homelessness in our area.

I am dedicated to public service and being awarded the David C. Frederick Internship Award is giving me the resources and support to pursue my passion and interest in public service as well as mass incarceration, and racial and youth justice. This summer I will be working with The Sentencing Project in Washington D.C. as a Research Fellow supporting TSP with research, advocacy, communications, and other support roles. This fall I will be continuing this work with Foundation of Hope in Pittsburgh where I will be working with and supporting former inmates. I am eager to learn and grow this summer and I am grateful that this internship is giving me the opportunity to do so.

I am excited to start my internship and indebted to David C. Frederick, The University Honors College, and all of the people that have helped me so far!

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