Learning the Cypriot Lifestyle

During my time abroad, I will be staying at the Classic Hotel in Nicosia which is the capital of Cyprus. It is a very modern hotel that has a courtyard in the center of the building as well as a beautiful restaurant on the ground level. Each morning they serve a complimentary breakfast which far out shadows any American hotel breakfast I have ever had. They serve fresh pastries, toast and Cyprian marmalades, eggs and Cyprian sausage and bacon, cereal, select meats and cheeses, dried fruits and nuts, and international teas and coffees. Everything is delicious and the employees are very kind. My room itself is very modern and can comfortably accommodate two people. My roommate is also from Pittsburgh and she is very sweet. Having a great roommate has made adjusting to a new country really easy!

I love living in Nicosia because it is divided into two different sections which are the new and old cities. The old city ends once you reach the venetian walls and then the new city begins. There is a beautiful passageway designed by Zaha Hadid that connects the new and old cities. It creatively incorporates modern materials and shapes with greenery so that it doesn’t make it look out of place next to the old city. During my first day in Cyprus we were given a tour of both the new and old city. Personally, I prefer the charm of the old city in comparison to the new city because it is very different from the architecture found in the United States. Cyprus has buildings that have been restored that are much older than any buildings in the U.S.. The Cypriots have done an excellent  job both restoring the old buildings as well as adding on to them. The new city is also breathtakingly beautiful and boasts tall apartment buildings and coffee shops on every street! Cypriots love their coffee!  

The first challenge that I had upon arriving in Cyprus is adjusting to the six hour time difference. The two days of travel were very tiring and our first day was jam packed with fun activities that consumed all of my remaining energy. Everything about this trip is truly a dream come true it is just exhausting at times! I cannot complain or say that I have run into any significant challenges worth noting. The Bursics who lead my study abroad program have explained everything so well and made traveling around the city seamless. All of the Cypriots I have interacted with are kind, generous, and helpful. I absolutely adore Cyprus.

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