Embarking on my First International Trip

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Brenda Rea and I just completed my first year in the Swanson School of Engineering. In March, I declared that my intended major is chemical engineering, and I am thrilled to be able to continue my educational journey as an official chemical engineering student in the fall. It is my dream to work for a consumer products company so that I can revolutionize the way that people interact with the world around them. I am eager to begin learning more hands-on engineering skills and hope to participate in the cooperative engineering education program.

At Pitt, I am an active member of the Catholic Newman Club and the Society of Women Engineers Club. These groups have given me the opportunity to volunteer my time, get to know other like minded individuals, and have fun! I hope to expand my involvement in organizations on campus by participating in Pitt’s ski club and habitat for humanity club. I am also beginning a new position as an engineering peer mentor in the fall which will give me more communication and leadership experience. I couldn’t be more thrilled to guide the next class of future engineers.

Other than spending my time as a student, I love trying to replicate some of my favorite dishes in the kitchen as well as going to new restaurants. I also like to go for runs and spend lots of time outdoors. I love to hang out with friends, listen to music, and read books. I am always eager for a new adventure which is why I decided to apply to Pitt’s Plus 3 Engineering Program. I believe that my time in Cyprus will give me more exposure to how different companies operate as well as expand my knowledge of supply chain management. This knowledge will propel me into my engineering career and will also aid me in deciding whether or not pursuing a master of business administration degree is the correct educational path for me. Personally, I believe that I will encounter several obstacles along my journey such as language barriers and cultural differences. However, I believe that if I can adapt to this new environment, it will help me overcome other obstacles in my life from tackling difficult tests to making everyday life decisions. 

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