Cheers London!

London has been a dream come true and truly a once in a lifetime experience, and this is all thanks to the support from the donors, my family, friends, and everyone else who supported me throughout this journey.

During my time in London, I have been fortunate enough to see myself grow academically, professionally, and personally. Academically, I have gotten to take core business classes from an international perspective and really examine my courses from a broader viewpoint. Through these courses I have been able to stay on track to complete my major and certificates. While studying abroad was a requirement for my certificate and for Pitt Business Honors, I did not think of studying abroad as just another part of my academic career or as a burden, rather I approached it as an exciting new and unique opportunity. I am thrilled to have had to opportunity to take such unique classes in a new environment, and I am excited to apply the skills and new understandings I have developed in these courses to my academic studies back at Pitt. It has been such a unique opportunity to experience what life as a student in London is like, see first-hand the cultural differences in the education system, and interact with new and diverse professors and students.

Professionally, I have had the chance to interact with different business professionals, network in a new city, and learn more about business functions abroad. As a well-known global hub for business, London was the ideal city to experience how the finance, marketing, and economic fields of business all work together in a large diverse city. Additionally, by participating in a study abroad program, I feel have set myself apart from other students, as I have had the opportunity to become a more culturally aware student and professional who understands what it is like to interact with people from all different backgrounds in a professional setting. Being in London has also allowed to get a taste of what working in London could be like in the future and has inspired and encouraged me to explore career opportunities abroad.

Finally, on a personal level, I have not only had the opportunity to grow academically and professionally, but also grow as an individual. From this program I have been able to see myself grow and become a more culturally aware individual. I have become a more confident and open-minded person as I have gotten to step out of my comfort zone living in a new city with new people, interacting with new peers and professors, and traveling to numerous different countries. I am thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to experience a new city and learn about a new culture that I can immerse myself in. With such a diverse population, London, has been an ideal city to experience and learn about a variety of cultures and how they interact with each other as a community and on business level.

While I am sad to leave this amazing city, I am leaving with cherished memories, life lessons learned along the way, and lifelong friends. I am so appreciative to have had this opportunity to study abroad for the semester and am so excited to see how my experiences abroad will influence the rest of my studies at Pitt.



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