Welcome to Uni!

Hello again! I am so excited to writing to you all as I finish up the first half of my semester here in London. Fun fact about London is that they refer to college as “Uni”! While here I am not partaking in an internship, but I am taking 5 classes. These classes are requirements for me to complete my marketing major and international business certificate. I am taking Managing Global Supply Chains, International Economics, International Marketing, International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, and Analyzing and Exploring the global city. All of my classes have been great so far and I loved getting to know my new classmates and professors. My favorite class so far (and cannot recommend enough) is Analyzing and Exploring the global city, since we go on a field study almost every week and learn about the importance of London as a global city and its history.

Taking classes in London has definitely been an adjustment and brought upon some challenges. From studying in London so far, I have learned the importance of adaptability, being flexible, and time management. First, my commute to class is no longer a short walk around campus, rather I have to take a 40-minute tube ride to my classes. However, the CAPA center is located in South Kensington which is a beautiful area of London surrounded by shops and museums. Next, classes only occur once a week and last for about 3 hours, which has been a challenge to get used to. But because of this. we do not have classes on Fridays which allows for us to have more time to explore the city. Additionally, while it has been so great meeting students from other universities and having professors who have taught at different universities, it has been an adjustment to work with new students who do not have the same Pitt background experience, and it has been an adjustment learning what professors abroad expect from students. While studying in London I have also learned to become a more open minded individual. In London I have become a more open-minded student as I interact and work with new professors and classmates. I have gotten the opportunity to learn in a new classroom setting and from professors with new and different teaching styles and methods.

If I could give other students who plan to study abroad in the future any advice it would be to approach this new and exciting opportunity with an open mind, and to always be flexible! Living in London has really taught me the importance of being a more open minded individual. While having the opportunity to interact with new people whether its students, professors, or locals, I have learned to be more openminded when it comes to cultural differences and lifestyle differences. I have seen and experienced how life functions differently in London in comparison to Pitt. I have also become more open minded when it comes to new opportunities and taking risks. As my time in London comes to an end, I have really begun to take advantage of all the new and exciting opportunities that come my way, and have been trying to explore and try as many more new things that I can.

Overall, while Uni life in London has been very different to my time at Pitt, I have loved getting to experience it every day and slowly adjust to the London student lifestyle. I am sad to see my time in London dwindle down, as I have really gotten the chance to see myself grow, but I am excited to come back to Pitt where I will be able to apply these new and improved skills to my life after London. While in London I have been so fortunate to have gotten to interact with lots of different. I am so happy to reflect on how much I have progressed since first arriving in London, and can’t wait to see what happens in my final few weeks here!

Until next time!

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