FCCT Internship Post 2!

Since my last post, I have been working on a number of projects to help the Fayette County Cultural Trust. My most prominent project is working on cataloging GAP and C&O Trail town assets to compare with Connellsville. This is to highlight any areas / businesses the town may want to look into developing to highlight the community and bring is more trail business. After I have completed the list, and my fellow intern Edwin has finished the asset list for Uniontown, I will be added these to the already existing asset map of Fayette County.

My second project is working with both of the other interns to devise a plan, budget, and community need for the PNC building in town. I have been working on what it takes to build a co-working space, the start up cost of one, rent cost, ect. This is proving tricker than expected as the building needs renovation, which I believe was estimated at over a million dollars in cost.

In working with the PNC startup project, Edwin and I visited Connellsville and spoke to a handful of residents, asking them what they felt the community needed. We are working on a report of our findings, resident testimonies, and what we feel will be the next course of action.

After the report is wrapped up, I will be moving into working on the GIS tax parcels for the county.

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