CURF #1: Defining Legal Corruption in America

Hello everyone! My name is Christina Prado, and I am a second semester sophomore this semester. My research is aimed to Define Legal Corruption in America, and my mentor is Professor Bernard Hibbitts.

 A copious amount of research has been done on corruption outside of the United States, in countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, etc., but it is difficult to find writings on corruption and legal corruption within the United States. Surely America and its institutions are not exempt from the corruption that others face. This semester of research will define what corruption means and apply it to both historical and contemporary American examples. This project is important because it will allow myself and hopefully others to gain insight into the flaws of the American legal and political system. Most are aware that these flaws exist, but many choose to turn a blind eye, or aren’t sure exactly what they are or what they mean. This research is meant to provide a clear meaning of what corruption is and allow others to recognize that corruption in their own government. I didn’t realize how difficult this task would be until I began my research, as the current definition of corruption is somewhat nonexistent in the context I am meant to use it in, but I am excited to create a definition that fits this research and continue with the CURF.

As of now, my goal is to attend law school. The CURF will help boost my knowledge of American law and jurisprudence and will hopefully give me an edge with a deeper and increased knowledge of the American legal system. During my time as an undergraduate, I plan to participate in more research. The CURF, being my first research fellowship, will give me an introduction to research that will assist me in future projects and allow me to better my understanding of what it is I am studying. Additionally, in just the two weeks I have spent working on my CURF project, I have already learned valuable research and studying skills, as well as how to manage my time this semester with the added workload.

I am a Political Science major with a minor in Spanish. Something unique about myself is that I am the founder of a nonprofit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is called the Headway Foundation and we provide costless SAT tutoring to those who are not able to afford it otherwise.

I am excited to continue this research and see what other CURF recipients are focusing on this semester!

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