Finishing Touches

Progress has been made… The team is 3 months into the project and the College Decisionator is officially making huge progress. After many meetings, a ton of feedback, and countless updates, the Commercialization Plan was just presented to the owner of our parent company. Over the last 3 months, everything I worked on has been leading up to the commercialization plan. Revenue streams, costs, the sales force, the mission statement, and our risks were all essentials. However, securing additional investment was part of the plan as well. I created a 5-Year Income Statement on Excel to build the commercialization plan backwards. It is extremely difficult to sit back and think of all the aspects your startups needs. Instead, by creating an income statement we were able to walk through each step of the company. Sales, cost of sales, expenses, taxes, etc… were all included. This allowed us to do a couple of different things: fill in our business structure, use the excel to predict possible growth scenarios, and formulate an “ask” for an additional investment. Low, moderate, and aggressive growth scenarios were created to show our “what-ifs”. With the moderate growth scenario as the most likely outcome, we used the year 1 results to formulate our “ask”. Additional edits to the commercialization plan will be made accordingly, but the launch date is certainly inching closer. It is exciting to see our product and our business plan come together. Currently, we are testing the app with Penn Hills School District. Around 30 students will be providing feedback for us to update the app at necessity. Overall, this experience has been so beneficial. I would like to start by giving a shoutout to the team: Jeff, Bob, Greg, Birizibe, Josh, and Arjun have all done fantastic work over the last 3 months. I am grateful for the connections I have made with them all and appreciate their help and leadership. The executive team has done a great job of encouraging and leading us throughout this entire process. Bob, Jeff, and Greg have been so understanding of our school work, but have also pushed us to do the best we can. I have learned many business lessons from the entire group that I will carry with me. This experience has taught me many tangible skills such as, financial projections, income statements, presentations, leadership, meetings, email, interviewing, and many more. I am forever grateful for this team and for Bob and Jeff for taking a chance on me this past summer.

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