Halfway Point

The College Decisionator App is at a crucial inflection point. The team has been working hard to reach our deadlines in order to deliver the best MVP we can by the final due date. Currently, my work mainly resides with developing the commercialization plan. Our founders gave me a great suggestion to create a 5-year income statement on excel. This excel has been helpful in aiding me in understanding what aspects of the business need to be developed, worked on, and created. Every week I have been further updating the plan to fine-tune all of the specific details. The excel includes 5 yearly income statements, a summary page, a user growth sheet, a market penetration page, and an assumptions tab. Our assumptions have been important for establishing our intended direction. I have interviewed the admissions officers at Pitt and James Madison University. They have helped me with the assumptions page, as I needed to figure out one of our core revenue streams through them. We intend to partner with universities to share our user data to help with their marketing efforts. This is about half of our revenue stream but might not take effect right away. To attract universities, we need to have a respectable amount of users. With that being said, high school contracts will be the first revenue stream that we attempt to unlock. We want to partner with high schools and their guidance counselors to help their student population with the college decision process. The team is doing amazing work. The product is starting to come together and the development side is exciting. The most important aspect of any company is the product and service before anything else. A great product will drive any company. Our product is looking great, but of course, it will change over the next month for the better. User testing is going to be a huge part of this process. Gaining feedback from your desired customers is probably the most valuable aspect of perfecting a product. We are in touch with schools and students to plan our testing schedules. Testing is going to require the entire team’s attention and work to get the most out of it. It does not fall on just one part of the team’s desk. Overall, I am feeling good about where we are, but understand that hard work and focus are needed to reach our goal of launching in December.

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