It’s not always sunny, I promise!

It’s actually raining as I’m writing this!

Hello all! 

These past few weeks have been hectic as classes have officially started, but it’s always better to keep busy than be bored! In addition to academics, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to accompany a fellow musician at the Fresher’s recital last weekend. We played Song for Sienna by Brian Crain, her on the cello, and me on the piano. I’ve decided to compete for a spot on the University Women’s Football (Soccer) team, and I’ve been cheering my housemates on as two of them ran in the Cambridge half-marathon this past Sunday. I’ve also tried rowing! It’s been a very busy few weeks! 

Walkway in Sidney Sussex College.

I suppose now that I’ve settled in, I should shed some light on where I’m living, and my daily life outside of all the aforementioned activities above! I live on Jesus lane which is the road immediately outside Jesus College walls. This means that when I want to get into the college to visit the library or eat at Caff, I have to walk down the chimney, say hello to the porters, and enter into First Court. I share the house with 7 other students. Most of them are reading physics and maths with some social sciences and economics sprinkled in. I have my own room, which is a change since I’m accustomed to sharing with 1-2 other girls back home, and we have a full kitchen! The facility that I missed the most when I was at school in Pittsburgh was an oven and a stovetop. I love to bake, and it’s been fun to test out my baking skills without having the usual American measuring tools. 

The view from my desk! The trees that I talk about are those on the right.

I am not sure how old the house is, but from the outside it looks like a quintessential English city townhouse. We’re connected to one other house on our left, and to our right, we border Sidney Sussex College. (I have one of my supervisions here!). When I walk out of the dark blue painted front door, I can turn left and head to the main city square where most of my lectures are located, or I can turn right where the entrance to Jesus is, alongside the park and the river. Jesus College really is one of the best colleges at Cambridge primarily due to its central location. 

Sidney Sussex College, Cloister Court.

I have been rather lucky thus far as I’ve had no major challenges with the house or my housemates. They’ve all been so accommodating and have really taken me under their wing. Sharing one refrigerator with 7 others is a minor challenge, and I’ve had to overcome my fear of spiders, but other than that, life is good! This coming week, I will be attending Trinity College evensong with one my housemates, will hopefully get around to seeing Dune in theaters, and will be attending Halfway Hall on Saturday! Halfway Hall is a dinner the college hosts for its students who are halfway through their university careers, so all of my housemates will be attending, and since theoretically I am also halfway through my university time, I’ll also be going!

As for the tree update: the leaves haven’t yet turned color. I’m not sure they will since the UK is in a perpetual state of 60˚-65˚ at the moment, but maybe in the winter they will fall. 

See you next time!


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