Testing a Hypothesis: Binge-Watching Harry Potter Can Prepare One for Experiencing British Culture


My name is Rushil Ramprasad and I am a third-year honors student at the University of Pittsburgh. I originally hail from Downingtown, Pennsylvania where I attended the Downingtown STEM Academy for high school. From my hometown to campus, I’ve carried over many activities I like to do in my free time including playing basketball and badminton with my friends, binge-watching great tv-shows, and dancing for a Bollywood-fusion dance team on campus.

Academically, at Pitt, I have most recently taken classes in both the College of Business Administration and the School of Arts & Sciences due to my exposure and interests in chemistry and finance. As a finance major and chemistry minor, this interdisciplinary track has allowed me to further explore my passions and apply what I have learned in the classroom to a future career path at the crossroads of both disciplines.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Wells Fargo as a Wealth and Investment Management Summer Analyst, giving me exposure to one of the largest financial firms while utilizing and further developing my financial acumen skills built in the classroom. With this experience, I was able to walk away not only with a better understanding of the financial services industry but also, more specifically, where I would like to work within the industry, banking. Tapping into my interdisciplinary coursework and a particular interest in financing initiatives for sustainability innovation through chemistry, I will be continuing my internship experience next summer with KeyBanc Capital Markets as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst within their Utilities, Power, and Renewable Energy group.

My professional aspirations tie directly into the global program I selected to participate in. In the coming days, I will be traveling to The London School of Economics and Political Science where I will study within the Department of Finance while also having the opportunity to take a wide range of other courses in management, philosophy, statistics, and economics.

With the opportunity to study at this prestigious institution not only do I see the value it brings academically and professionally but also culturally as I walk, talk, and learn with my foreign classmates. Personally, I hope to understand the melting pot of cultures London and its universities are home to. I look forward to collaborating and learning the perspectives of my international peers on various projects in the classroom and socialize with them and form new bonds that I never thought would be possible, outside of campus.

Academically, I look forward to learning from LSE’s world-renowned professors in their field. From finance to economics and management, I chose this institution not only for its professors but for what the institution stands for and is recognized around the world. The challenging curriculum and prestigious reputation the LSE carries around the world, I hope, will make me a better banker in the field of sustainability financing and boost my professional career. If anything, this opportunity will give me the chance to make connections I never thought would be possible with my professors, my peers, and the locals of London. Hopefully, not only making me a better student but also an overall better individual which I can bring back and share with my peers at Pitt.

With that said, next time I write, I’ll be in London! It was great to introduce myself to all who read this and I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey in London at the London School of Economics this academic year.

– Rushil Ramprasad

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