A Brief Introduction: Brooke Lovett Steam Ambassador Pitt CEC Hill District

My name is Brooke Lovett, and I am a senior at University of Pittsburgh. I am the Honors College STEAM Ambassador at Pitt’s Community Engagement Center in the Hill District for the fall 2021 semester. I am majoring in environmental studies and minoring in history. Outside of school I am a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma and I currently serve as the Greek Week president. As president I oversee all board positions and maintain relationships with other student groups on campus both within and external to Fraternity and Sorority Life. I work as a nursing assistant at UPMC Presbyterian part time. I also enjoy intramural soccer games, taking day trips to Ohiopyle, and trying new restaurants. 

I am very interested in the intersection of community and environmental health. After graduation I plan on working for a year before pursuing a Master of Public Health. I plan to focus on environmental health while also pursuing certificates in community and global health. After graduate school I would like to do research on the health impacts of environmental issues within certain communities. I am especially interested in access to, or the lack of, clean drinking water, and the effects it can have on various groups. The social implications of public health issues, coupled with those of environmental issues intrigue me not only because it combines two of my interests, but also because through hard work change is attainable. 

I first heard about this internship from my advisor, Dr. Danielle Andrews-Brown. She sent out an email with the internship information over the summer. As soon as I read the description of the STEAM Ambassador position, I knew I was extremely interested. After doing some more research of my own I realized the goals and programming of the CEC align with my values and interests. I have been looking for opportunities to be more engaged in the community around Pitt’s campus. On a broader level I have also been actively seeking opportunities to fight injustices and create positive change for the future. 

This internship will help me better understand how research is done within a community; a skill I can take with me to graduate school and beyond. It will also teach me more about the complex relationships between research institutions and study participants. This internship will allow me to expand my knowledge on the relationship between University of Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities. I hope to better understand what University of Pittsburgh is currently doing, and what needs to be done to support growth in the city. I also hope to better understand how I fit into the intricate relationship as both a student and an outsider to the community. I am interested to see how my role in that intricate relationship may change through the course of the semester. I am excited to learn more about the Hill District; a neighborhood overlooked by far too many students. Lastly, I am excited to bring the all knowledge I gain here into my future endeavors.

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