It’s All About the People

My research project focuses on interpersonal relationships within scientific research. The Brackenridge fellowship displayed examples of this while contributing to my research process.

Each member of this fellowship had extraordinary unique projects, yet I was surprised to see us overcome similar challenges. Obtaining IRB approval, sifting through large amounts of data, and struggling to remain productive seemed like niche challenges, but were actually relatable. The Brackenridge provided a space to discuss these issues and encouragement from peers to solve them. The consistent dialogue between the fellows, Dr. Say, and our respective research teams propelled our research projects forward. 

Another aspect of the Brackenridge that I appreciated was the weekly meetings and workshops. Not only was it a good way to keep track of time passing, but it was enjoyable to learn about the different aspects of research like grant writing or graduate school application preparation. It was also fascinating to watch the projects of the other fellows progress throughout the summer.  I hope that we all get a chance to convene in the fall semester.

This research will be used in my thesis that I will have to defend this upcoming fall semester. Some of my fellows were gracious enough to let me explain my research to them to practice talking about my research. These conversations changed some of the framing of my research and organization. I believe these changes will improve my overall product.

After the Brackenridge, I will defend my thesis which my research contributes towards. I plan to become a physician that is still involved in research. I look forward to finding what area I would like to focus on.

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