Health Humanities

Communication, especially within the sciences, is something that requires thoughtful effort and must constantly evolve to overcome new challenges presented by the material itself and its receiving audience. An interesting example of the importance of communication within public health and medicine can be observed during the recent pandemic. Individuals from all aspects of society, from political officials to hospital staff, struggled to communicate with each other and the people they serve. Because of witnessing this, I now appreciate the complexity of communication within my desired field of medicine. To overcome these challenges, we will have to incorporate skills from different disciplines, like the humanities, to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

The Brackenridge fellowship provides a unique opportunity for me to practice explaining my research with students and faculty from different disciplines. Throughout the fellowship, we present our research to each other in different forms including written and oral, formal and informal. I also discuss my research with friends and family. I learned that it is best to describe the general idea or theory I am trying to develop or support, and then go into the details of how I will conduct research to support it. Then, I can explain the larger context of the field and how my work can make an impact. Sometimes, I get caught up in all the little details, which can be confusing and overwhelming. Thus, I try to relate my work to examples that others can easily understand. 

There is an endless list of people that are involved with the delivery of healthcare. It is a field that is constantly innovating, and it is crucial to stay up to date on the latest advancements. Strengthening these communication skills, especially within complex science and medical topics, is important when pursuing a career in medicine. As a physician, I want to break down these difficult concepts for diverse audiences like community members or other health professionals.

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