Goals to achieve

I think a career in entrepreneurship should consist of several stages in order to learn how to solve complex business problems. First of all, statistical and economic analysis of data and the market make financially profitable decisions possible. Marketing, communication and strategy will help convince the customer to buy something. Development of supply chains and fulfillment will help to develop the idea into the finished product. A person has to go through all these stages to turn his big idea into his own business. Undoubtedly, GBI will be able to demonstrate these steps to students.

Global Business Institute is a great opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills employers are looking for. GBI prepares me for the business world through coursework that advances my degree, offers out-of-the-classroom experiences that create cultural competence that provide me with transferable workplace skills. This program will have an impact on my critical thinking since I will need to work with others, and etc. I think better critical thinking leads to better decision making. And decision making includes planning, controlling, organizing, and leading. It means I will become better at time-management, I will be able to rationally evaluate my work. I will grow as a team player and a leader. Also, I will become a better communicator, because I will have to cooperate with others. I will rely on them and they will rely on me. This program gives a lot of opportunities, I should just take it.

Global Business Institute is a great chance to increase my competitive advantage when applying and interviewing for future work experiences. There is a lack of global readiness among students and organizations. This program creates an opportunity to have a distinctive competency and differentiate me from other students. I will develop skills that employers are looking for (organizational communication, interpersonal, etc). Developing my network of employer and business contacts is one of my current and post-graduation goals. And, of course, this program will help me in achieving this mission. After completing this program I will be able to develop professional skills for a workplace such as group communication and decision-making, and organizational behavior, and these skills enhance my chances in making business contacts. 

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