My Fellowship Cohort and New Perspectives

Developing a creative project from the very first brainstorm to the finished work is often understood as an independent production. After all, in my case, I was on my own when I came up with the proposal for my project. But looking back on the progress I have made since then, I recall that first brainstorm as the last time I really was “on my own”. Since then, I have been able to develop my project with the feedback and support of my fellowship cohort, allowing me to move forward in my work with perspectives far different from my own.

To me, the most exciting and meaningful aspect of my project is the showcase of pride in the work of Filipino nurses in a manner that does not ignore their conflicted history and experiences. The pessimism associated with such conflicts can be overwhelming and disheartening, but my creative project displays this pessimism as a component of the perseverance of Filipino nurses. Everything relies on perspective, which is why it is so meaningful to me to hear the perspectives of my peers. They affect the way that I see my project and the motivations that factor into how I carry my project out.

Considering how personal my creative project is to me, sometimes it feels like it will be difficult to get a reaction or even a general understanding from others. This obstacle can make me feel unmotivated or hesitant about my work. With this concern, it has been an enormous benefit to work alongside my cohort and hear what it is like to understand my project from their outside perspectives. Not only is it reassuring to know that the work that I am doing can be universally meaningful, but also insightful in that it gives me diverse ideas on how to construct certain parts of my work.

Reflecting on my skill set as well as that of my cohort, I would like to learn more about beginner bookbinding and page design. I plan on presenting the transcript of the interviews that my project is based on along with the project itself. I consider the idea of presenting this transcript as a well put-together text as opposed to a simple packet would emphasize the stories of the nurses whom I interview. These transcripts are their word-for-word personal experiences, which form the basis of my creative project.

I have learned so much in my fellowship thus far, and it would not have been possible without the diversity of my cohort’s new outlooks and varying skill sets. I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer as I continue to learn more from them and refine my own skills!

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