Genuine Diversity

My project is based in the Starzl Collection archives and contributes to conversations about data sharing, conducting research, and building teams. While my main materials are primarily about Dr. Thomas Starzl, a transplant surgeon-scientist, I also reference historical and modern examples. This project will contribute to the ongoing conversation on topics like interdisciplinary collaboration and provide language for pre-professional students, especially in the health sciences. 

I look forward to learning about how the Brackenridge fellows intertwine their diverse backgrounds and disciplines. This will not only be incredibly interesting, but also encourage me to consider what perspectives my research’s audience might have. This is a rare chance to observe how these different vantage points can connect and grow together. This is a key theme within my project and a huge strength of the fellowship. 

The non-sciences projects interest me the most as they are vastly different from some of the early research I was exposed to. However, I am curious to see how all the projects are communicated through the presentations and other avenues like publications. During the pandemic, there was a huge gap between credible information and the general public. It seems that much of the assumed background information was missing and where to find credible information was controversial. Within the fellowship, it will be a challenge to ensure that everyone in the room is at a same basic understanding before venturing into more detailed topics. I am most looking forward to learning better communication techniques from my peers, across all disciplines. These skills will enhance my undergraduate experience and future career.

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