Sophie Tayade: Starzl Collection Archives

My name is Sophie Tayade and I am an incoming fourth year pursuing a dual degree in Rehabilitation Science alongside Film and Media Studies. I completed a minor in Chemistry and am working on completing my certificates in Global Studies and Transatlantic Studies. I received the Brackenridge fellowship to continue conducting research on the Starzl Collection archives. My research mentor for this fellowship is Dr. Emily Herrington. This research is a continuation of my research for the Bachelor in Philosophy. I have two additional mentors, Dr. Lisa Parker and Dr. Kathleen Kelly, for my project. 

My research project is based in the Starzl Collection archives but also relies on primary and secondary materials from different sources. The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences encourages interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration to overcome adversity. Circumstances arise where success requires collaboration. In this project, examples of colleagues that re-established their field will be analyzed to provide evidence of how these themes, and interpersonal dynamics, are essential in conducting ethical research to obtain an accurate view of problems and provide patient care. Many individuals at the undergraduate level, especially pre-professional students experience competitive scenarios where they determine how to react or conduct their behavior. My hope is that this research can answer questions and spark new ones on how to engage with others when collaborating or competing in a professional setting. 

In a pandemic, many individuals struggled to grasp the science concepts behind public health and vaccine development. Health and science communication evolved throughout the pandemic, and I look forward to contributing to that space in my future role as a physician. My multidisciplinary experience in film, art, history, and more will be crucial in innovating new ways to communicate science topics to diverse audiences. The Brackenridge fellowship is a wonderful space to strengthen these skills. Brackenridge fellows and supporting faculty will engage my research and promote thought-provoking conversation. I look forward to supporting my peers in any way I can as we grow together this summer.

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