Unfortunately, Precedented Times

Unfortunately, this virtual learning environment is no longer new or unprecedented. However, after spending the spring, summer, and fall back in my hometown in Ohio, I am adapting to living on campus while learning online. The shifting risk postures and vaccine rollout plans are certainly keeping me on my toes. This class is more engaging than many of my other courses due to the synchronous meetings, engaging guest speakers, and weekly group projects. It is honestly refreshing to make friends in a course after feeling isolated for so long. While keeping up with the assignments is a lot of work, it is definitely worthwhile, and my peers keep me motivated.

Aditi Sridhar, a friend and fellow student in Professor Kurlander’s class, created a short film that won the Audience Choice Award at the Center for Creativity’s One Minute Film Festival. Her film titled “Procrastination” embodies the attitudes and challenges of many students when trying to learn online. Below is a link and description.

PROCRASTINATION embodies the classic “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude that many of us have found ourselves in, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Confined to her room, our protagonist has the picture-perfect start to the day, which takes a quick turn with just the swivel of her chair.

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