To move, or not to move

The theme of our program is the American film industry and there is a strong emphasis on connecting aspiring filmmakers from non-LA locations like Pittsburgh. This course impacted my perception of the film industry and its connection to the city of Los Angeles. Learning about the other popular places to produce films like New Mexico, Georgia, and even Pennsylvania. There is a lot to be done prior to moving to Los Angeles, and there may not be a need to move. My mid-term project focuses on conducting research into how to prepare for a career in the film industry. 

In some ways, my perceptions have been validated. Recent media like Crazy Rich Asians, Black Panther, Never Have I Ever, and Grownish have inspired me to watch more media and learn about how it was made. I felt like there was a renaissance of inclusivity and diversity occurring, and I feel somewhat validated in that feeling.

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