My Summer Creative Experience

When I began this experience I thought I would be creating a film clip I could share. Due to COVID-19 and the shear volume of work, I was unable to come even close. I thought I would feel disappointed, but I’m inspired. In completing my storyboard and script draft, I understood new ways to process media and personal events. Instead of viewing this project as a stand alone experience, it serves as my background in specific skill sets such as script writing, comic panel style graphics, and video editing.

Last week, our cohort had an amazing experience with our guest speaker. A creative Pitt Alumni told us about their journey and how they returned to different areas of interests throughout their lives. It was nice to see how our work will constantly evolve and find new meaning throughout our lives.

The most valuable part of this experience was our sense of community. When I worked on my project I felt the presence of other makers in my living room. Their expertise guided me and their motivation encouraged me to make progress on my work. Especially in these socially distant times, this cohort is what I needed to feel structure this summer.

When working on a creative project, my favorite part is conversing about it with other people. I want to take the themes I explored and have more structured conversations with peers and professionals to gain a deeper insight into the messages that I was trying to send.

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