Ideathon Reflection

When doing research in our fields, we don’t really connect with people outside of our disciplines. However, Brackenridge fellowship offers the opportunity to work with students who have different disciplinary knowledge for me. This project makes me realize that using knowledge from multiple disciplines is the best approach to solve problems in real life.

We have classic literature, philosophy, economics, molecular biology, chemical engineering, writing, and psychology on our ideathon group. Although each member in our team studies a different discipline, we did not face any difficulties when communicating with each other. When communicating with my teammate I feel like that we are always learning from each other. People studying different disciplines may approach a same problem with different methods. My teammates are able to bring up many great ideas that I never thought about. I think the most crucial point to work with others is being open minded.

This ideathon project makes me realize that I need to focus more on papers from different fields. My research is about morality behind climate change. When doing research, I need to consider historical facts, potential economic problem, political competitions and powers , and philosophical arguments. It is important to consider problems from all of these different fields.

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