My Aspirations

In an era of uncertainty, this project has been symbolic in how I embrace change. I started out writing a script and planning to film on campus. Due to the unique conditions of COVID-19, my project morphed into a story board and script. Through this process new ideas emerge and embed in my project. The independence and trust bestowed upon the fellows allows for this flexibility and unhindered creativity. The mentality to embrace change and ability to adapt can be applied to many areas of interest.

My goal is to become a culturally competent physician. This project demands detailed understanding of my characters, so I learned a lot about different groups of people and their history with health care and in society. While this is just the beginning of my journey to connect with people, I was able to blend my artistic and healthcare interest in a way I never have. I look forward to using these skills to document my personal life and thoughts in creative ways.

My work would be best received by anyone interested in having a discussion about the ideas I posed. My hopes is my work sparks discussion and increases awareness of different experiences and issues. I think college students and faculty would be a good place to start.

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