New Networks


For my networking, I connected with Pitt Alum Scott Krzywonos. I was interested in connecting with this alum due to his work in journalism and publishing. Before entering college, I was always interested in journalism and media. However, since Pitt does not have a specialized media and journalism program, my undergraduate career went down a different route. Because of Mr. Krzywonos work in publishing, I wanted to learn more about how he found himself in his career. Specifically, because of his experience as an editor for a field in which is relatively complex, eye surgery, and not necessarily what I would expect to be the focus of an entire magazine. Additionally, we are from similar areas which hopefully will present a unique connection about continuing education and relevant schools in the area. I connected with him through Pitt Commons, and I’m excited to correspond more in the future with Mr. Kryzwonos and other alumni on the platform. It’s an excellent resource that I never knew existed, and I will certainly be relying on it for future networking opportunities. I certainly would recommend this platform to other students, especially students that are unsure about majors and undergraduate experiences!
One of my major professional goals is to be published. Whether it be academic writing, as I’ve established as my long term goal with my Brackenridge research, or in another media platform such as journalism, it’s something that I inspire to do. However, I am figuring out my passions a bit later than my peers. While I know that there is no set ‘timeline’ toward a career, I am reaching the end of my undergraduate experience, and I am looking towards future education, employment, and experiences. Connecting with Pitt alumni specifically that has experience in these fields will be instrumental toward deciding the paths I take or do not take, down the road toward my future career and education. In addition to Mr. Kryzwonos, I hope to make connections with those who are alumni to the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s studies program. While I have made some connections already, I hope to continue to foster those professional relationships. GSWS is such a broad degree, and there are so many opportunities in which my education and experience in the field are resourceful. While I have many friends and peers who are graduated and entering the workforce, I think that it is very important to gain knowledge as a mentee to those who have been in one’s field of choice for some time. Overall, I’m excited to use Pitt Commons to continue networking!

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