Delivering to the audience

My project is about Morality issues behind Climate Change. It is especially important for me to share my work with people outside of the philosophy field because the moral issue of Climate Change concerns many other fields of studies and even common people.

Know my audience

The audience may know nothing about our project. So, I believe having a simple and clear explanation of the project is important because it helps the audience to understand what is this project about. When explaining our project we should try to bring our audience “closer” to us which means we have to spend time drawing big pictures instead of details. We should use common words instead of proper nouns from our own field so the audience can easily grasp our information.

We can also use similar but more simple things to describe our problem. In my case, I could use a prisoner’s dilemma to explain why it is difficult for countries to work together efficiently against climate change.

Then, we can also use data to illustrate how serious our problem is. For example, if the temperature rises above 2C how many people, plants, animals, and landscapes will be affected or even eliminated. I believe stats are the simplest and most powerful way to make our audience realize the seriousness of the problem.

As our audiences are more and more interested in our project and become more and more concerned about the problem. We can tell them how can they participate or make an influence on the current problem. My project is a great example. When confronting climate change, not only governments face moral obligations to each other and its people, but we also face moral obligations to people from other countries and future generations. By changing our mindset a little or sacrifice a little bit from our daily habits we could make an impact on the issue.

The message in my project can to be deliver any people in the world because the issue of climate change is a global and intergenerational crisis. No one can escape from it. People in the past and present contributed to the problem and in the future, more people will be affected by the crisis we contributed. Therefore, I describe the issues of climate change as a morality crisis. Since my project concerns a morality issue, I believe everyone can be the audience. This is because morality is the best human’ creation, and when it went into the wrong direction it is natural for all humans to fix it.

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