Experiences as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

It was freshman year when I first met Dr. Gardner in a new Biology UTA preparation class. Before I decided to pursue genetic counseling, I originally came to Pitt with the idea of eventually becoming a Biology teacher. So, I thought taking the class would help me develop some skills that would prepare me for…

Bridging Classroom Conversations On Human Rights with Real-World Applications Amid A Global Pandemic

Mahima Sindhu: Communication & Rhetoric Major, Applied Statistics Minor, Global Health Certificate, Managing Health Services Programs & Projects Certificate (Junior, Class of 2021) The novel coronavirus has undoubtedly compromised the world’s population health and economy alike. However, on March 19th, 2020, the Human Rights Watch made clear in their article, “Human Rights Dimensions of COVID-19 Response”, to…

Teaching Ancient Law

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Viljaste, and I am a Junior pursuing a dual degree and Bachelor of Philosophy in Politics&Philosophy and Finance. This semester, I am working with my fellowship mentor Bernard Hibbitts on a special teaching project through the Chancellors Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship for his honors law class entitled “How Law Began”….

Ancient Disciplines

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Dr. Horton’s Critical Making course fundamentally shaped my approach to college. When I first arrived, I tried to anticipate everything and plan my four years out by day two. However, I quickly learned that doors open and close in exciting ways, so I should keep an open mind….

The Joys of Learning, Teaching, and Everything in Between

Ever since completing General Chemistry 1 with Dr. Ewing, I knew I wanted to collaborate with him again during my undergraduate career. I became a UTA for the course the following year but could not work with Dr. Ewing as he was on a sabbatical. During my second year, I learned about the great variety…