Teaching Ancient Law

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Viljaste, and I am a Junior pursuing a dual degree and Bachelor of Philosophy in Politics&Philosophy and Finance. This semester, I am working with my fellowship mentor Bernard Hibbitts on a special teaching project through the Chancellors Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship for his honors law class entitled “How Law Began”….

Ancient Disciplines

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Dr. Horton’s Critical Making course fundamentally shaped my approach to college. When I first arrived, I tried to anticipate everything and plan my four years out by day two. However, I quickly learned that doors open and close in exciting ways, so I should keep an open mind….

The Joys of Learning, Teaching, and Everything in Between

Ever since completing General Chemistry 1 with Dr. Ewing, I knew I wanted to collaborate with him again during my undergraduate career. I became a UTA for the course the following year but could not work with Dr. Ewing as he was on a sabbatical. During my second year, I learned about the great variety…