Psychology and Design: My Research Experience

Having spanned the past several months, this fellowship experience has broadened my understanding of research and project management. While every moment has been a learning experience that incorporates new information and skills that will undoubtedly aid my future endeavors, I think my newfound ability to individually develop and lead a research project has been the…

Expanding My Networks

When I came to Pitt, I knew I wanted to pursue a theatre minor, though I didn’t know in what capacity. I had been a performer in high school, but I was interested in possibly following a production/design path instead. During one of my first days on campus, I talked with my to-be CAF mentor,…

Progress and Obstacles in Creative Research

One thing that has been really exciting since I’ve started the Creative Arts Fellowship is getting to devote my time to a creative field that I’m not majoring in. While I’ve taken scenic design classes in the past, this project is my first time getting to see an entire work through from start to finish….

Creative Arts, Collaboration, and My Cohort

One thing that I have really embraced since the beginning of the CAF program is being comfortable outside of my comfort zone. My fellow cohorts and I are different in our artistic mediums, approaches, and purposes, which is a relatively new experience for me. I think anytime we step out of our comfort zone we…

Jillian Werbisky Introduction: Psychology and Film Design

Hello, hello! My name is Jillian Werbisky, and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a rising senior from Coopersburg, PA majoring in Psychology and Administration of Justice, with minors in Theatre Arts and French and a certificate in National Preparedness and Homeland Security. My free time typically includes reading, painting, walking my dog, or watching movies….