đź“ŤMontreux, Switzerland – Blog #7

Lake Geneva in Montreux!

I can’t believe this trip is coming to a close so soon…Even though it was a brief, 2-week experience, I feel like I have learned and experienced so much. I am grateful to have had such an amazing group of students, amazing tour guides, and interesting educational experiences while still being able to have tons of fun and experience Swiss culture! Today on our way back to Zurich, we stopped on the opposite side of Lake Geneva in Montreux. This picturesque town is right out of a movie with yellow awnings and balconies on the hotels, the crystal blue lake, and street vendors selling flowers, fresh pizza, and handmade jewelry. I could spend so much more time here. We really lucked out with sunny skies and warm weather this whole trip, and I could not be more thankful.

Today’s prompt asks me to write a letter to myself from the start of my trip…

Dear Mandy,

First of all, I’m so envious of the trip you are about to embark on. It is going to be one full of amazing experiences that will allow you to grow as an independent, young adult but also as a prospective leader in the field of (global?) nursing. I advise you to go with the flow and be flexible because it’s easiest to enjoy your time abroad without that stress, if possible. You are going to become so close with the other nursing students and will meet some truly impressive people at the academic visits. Everyone will be so welcoming and excited to hear about nursing in the United States. You’re going to eat way more than your fair share of chocolate and cheese, but that’s okay because how often are you in Switzerland?! Take a lot of pictures and journal even more because you won’t want to forget this time. While I know you are excited about sight-seeing and exploring during free time, really pay attention during the academic visits because there is so much to learn about how European countries interact, about Swiss health care, and about nursing abroad – it is so different hearing about these topics directly from the source instead of online.

I encourage you to keep taking risks and applying for ambitious opportunities because you never know what will happen! It’s always worth putting in that extra effort to see where it will take you. Nursing is an amazing profession that holds so many career avenues; you truly can go anywhere and hold so many different roles.

Just enjoy the experience, be open to new things, and absorb as much new information as you can! This is such a unique and personal/fitting experience, and I’m so excited for you!

Best, Mandy

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