London Living

Hello again! London has been great so far and I’ve been enjoying every second of being in a new city! I have gotten the opportunity to explore so many new neighborhoods in London and even explore beyond London in Stonehenge and Bath! In addition to traveling, during my stay in London there is much that I hope to accomplish academically, professionally, and personally.

Academically I hope to accomplish a lot as I am a student in the Honors College as well as a student pursuing a certificate in International Business, making going abroad a large part of my academic plan. In high school I had the opportunity to participate in a French exchange program where I got to see first-hand how student life in a different country functioned, and this sparked my interest in wanting to study aboard in the future. While studying abroad is a requirement for my certificate and for Pitt Business Honors, I do not think of studying abroad as just another part of my academic career or as a burden, rather I approach it as an exciting new and unique opportunity. I am thrilled to be taking unique classes in a new environment, and I am excited to experience what life as a student in London is like and see first-hand the cultural differences in the education system and interact with new and diverse professors and students.

Professionally, I am looking forward to interacting with different business professionals, networking in a new city, and learning more about business functions abroad. As a well-known global hub for business, London is the ideal city to experience how the finance, marketing, and economic fields of business all work together in a large diverse city. Additionally, I believe that by participating in a study abroad program, I am setting myself apart from other students, as I will have the opportunity to become a more culturally aware student and professional who understands what it is like to interact with people from all different backgrounds in a professional setting.

Finally, personally I hope to not only have the opportunity to grow academically and professionally, but also grow as a person. I hope that from this program I will be able to grow and become a more culturally aware individual. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to experience a new city and learn about a new culture that I can immerse myself in. With such a diverse population, London, is an ideal city to experience and learn about a variety of cultures and how they interact with each other as a community and on business level.

As I reach the end of my first month in London, I feel that I have already grown so much as a person, student, and professional, and I am looking forward to seeing how I continue grow and learn more about myself in this new environment. I can’t wait to share more about my life in London soon!

Until next time!

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